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RCC Plaster 

Concreate Roads 

Industrial Flooring 

Advantages KDM Fiber

KDMFIBER are Micro Glass Fibers with Engineering Properties. Millions of Glass Fibers uniformly disperse in every part of Concrete/Mortar (in all three slons) and develop Micro Secondary Reinforcement (MSR) n Plaster/Concrete Crack Free. Enhance resistance to Cracks, Impact and Abrasion. Increases Quality, Durability and Service life of Construction.

• KDMFIRER® prevents Micro Shrinkage Cracks, making the Concrete/ Plas herently stronger. Millions of Fiber support Concrete/Mortar

in all dimensions and provide Micro Secondary Reinforcement (MSR). • KDMFIBER dispersed uniformly throughout Cement, Aggregate mix,

ensure better binding and anchoring of Concrete/Mortar .KDMFIBER increase Tensile strength and Flexural Toughness of Concrete/Mortar and make it stronger for the thermal expansion /contraction and reduce chances of Cracks

• KDMFIBER protects sharp edges and corners of Plaster from damages during Plastic Stage of Mortar • KDMFIBER reduces permeability which help to prevent corrosion of steel and increase Durability of Building

KDMFIBERⓇ reduce chances of leakage, seepage and dampness hence saving in maintenance cost and safe guard costly interior work big saving in construction cost

• KDMFIBER provides significant Improvement in Tensile Strength and Abrasion Resistance and make RCC / PCC Road Durable and Maintenance Free

KDMFIBER is compatible with all type of Concrete materials and

Admixtures. KDMFIBER is virtually invisible on the finished surface.

KDMFIBER is a user friendly product easy to use and safe to handle at

construction site.

• KDMFIBER® increase Quality, Durability and Service life of Construction



6mm 60 gm Pouch,

12mm 85 gm Pouch

12mm 600 gm Pouch,

20kg Bags,

Special size (24mm) and Packaging Available for Bulk use and Export

Application & Usages

  • KDMFIBER 12mm : All type of RCC, PCC, Concrete Road, Industrial Floorings, Precast Industry, Industrial Applications for MSR etc.
  • KDMFIBER 6mm : For Plaster and Other Cement base Construction applications


For RCC: Use one Pouch KDMFIBER 12mm with one bag (50kg) of Cement600g Pouch for 1mof Concrete for RMC Applications. For Plaster: Use one Pouch KDMFIBER 6mm (60gm) with one bag 50 kg of Cement. After achieving consistent mix in mixer add KDMFIBER let it rotate for 2 minutes to get uniform dispersion.
Higher dosage will result in better mechanical properties.

Follow Instruction of Civil engineer Read Brochure carefully before use.



  • Construction Joints 
  • Gypsum Plaster Reinforcement 
  • Water proofing 

Advantages of Conmesh

CONMESH Products are Construction Mesh Fabrics (CMF) manufactured from Glass Yarn and Coated with Speciality Chemicals.CONMESH is a low weight and high strength Fabrics made with unique Weaving Technology (same as Steel Reinforcement design for RCC) All CONMESH® Products passes through Liquid Bath Process (LBP) to develop Alkali Resistance which is very important for Cement base applications (as Cement is highly alkaline material).

CONMESH® Products are Designed and Developed as high strength Wall Joint Plaster mesh resists Shrinking, Tearing, Stretching and Distortion, which lead to Maintenance free, Durable Construction and reduce Life Cycle Cost of Building.

CONMESH Products are recommended and compatible with both Gypsum and Cement Plasters Construction Members are stressed due to continuous temperature variation and develop cracks with time which increase chance for penetration of ditorious elements in construction and reduce life of construction.

CONMESH® LP/WP is an ideal Engineering Material and ideal solution for this because of Flexibility, Tensile Strength and Crack control Properties. 

CONMESH LP/WP products absorbs Tension and forms a flexible yet extremely Tough and Durable layer within Plaster, facilitating adherence to variety of Construction Materials. Unlike Metal or Plastic based alternative Chicken Mesh) CONMESH Products does not break down due to Corrosion, Easy to Use, Pliable, Cuts effortlessly and lies flat.

CONMESH Products exceeds all the requirement on Tensile Strength and Resistant to Acid, Salts, Water, Fungus, Bacteria and Alkali. CONMESH® Products come with Alkali Resistance Properties and provide Reinforcement against Impact and Seismic Movements.

CONMESH® products are compatible with all Construction Material and AdmixturesOne can use with Cement and Gypsum Plasters. No need for Galvanized nail or expert labour to fix CONMESH products on Surface or JointsZero level Plaster is possible with CONMESH® Products which saves Money. CONMESH Products are Light weight, Flexible and Easy to use (User Friendly)CONMESH® Products come with 3D hologram on attractive Packaging to ensure Original Products


Both CONMESH” LP/WP are available in :

  1. 142 mm x 50 m,
  2. 100 mm x 50 m,
  3. and 1000 mm x 50m

Application & Usages

A Revolutionary Wall Covering Material


How Silk Plaster is Made?

Silk Plaster is made from natural silk fibres and other cellulose-based materials, like cotton, wool etc. that are mixed with water Then, special additives and minerals are added to make the mixture stable and durable.

  • Silk Fibers

The natural silk fibers used in Silk Plaster are obtained from silk cocoons of silkworms.

  • Cellulose-based Materials

Other materials like cotton or wood are added to the mixture to make it more stable.

  • Additives & Minerals

Special additives and minerals are used to make the material more durable and smooth.

Benefits of Silk Plaster over Traditional Plastering Methods

1 Easy and Quick to Apply

Silk Plaster is very easy to apply and can be done without any professional assistance. It

saves time and money.

2 Hygienic and Environment-Friendly

The material is eco-friendly, it doesn’t

contain any hazardous substances or chemicals’ doesn’t emit any dust, making it an ideal solution for homes and offices that need to keep a high level of hygiene.

3 Durable and Long-Lasting

Silk Plaster stays in place for a long time. it’s resistant to mold, fading, and cracking. giving your walls an attractive and fresh look for years to come.

4 Flexible and Versatile

It can be applied on any surface, like brick, concrete, metal, plasticene wood. With its flexible structure it easily follows the shape of any surface it’s applied to.

5 Temperature control

temperature control up to 5 degrees, crack filling, sound insulation, easily repairable and low maintenance.

Where to use

Silk Plaster is highly versatile and can be used in a range of settings, both in residential and commercial 


  • Offices

Use Silk Plaster to cover walls in workspaces, meeting rooms, and reception areas to add an elegant and sophisticated touch.

  • Residential Spaces

Transform your home with Silk Plaster’s natural, warm look, and feel. It can be applied

to any room and will give your living space an exclusive and cozy atmosphere.

  • Hospitality Industry

Hotels, resorts, and restaurants can use Silk Plaster to create unique interior designs and

charming atmospheres.

Installation Process

Installing Silk Plaster couldn’t be any easier, and it doesn’t require a lot of technical skill, just a few easy steps:

1. Measure the wall and cut the Silk Plaster bags according to the required size.

2. Pour water in a bucket and add the Silk Plaster powder. Stir it until you obtain a homogenous mixture

3. Apply the mixture to the wall using a trowel or spray gun. Start from the top and work downwards

4.Smooth out the surface with a brush or roller. Wait for it to dry. You can apply another layer if necessary.

5.Done! Enjoy your new, beautiful walls!

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